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Black and Ethnic Minority Mental Health Network

Circular3 is working with Social Justice activists to create a new mental health think tank that addresses inequalities in mental wellbeing and mental health service delivery in the Black and Ethnic Minority Communities

To following the positive response to the work we produced in response to the Government consultation on the statutory guidance consultation for the Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Act 2018. (also known as Seni’s Law, after a 23-year-old black graduate, who died after been restrained by up to 11 police officers, whilst under the care of a mental health unit, as a voluntary patient).
The aim is to create an financially independent, politically neutral think tank that is able to respond and shape policy responses to inequalities in mental wellbeing and mental health outcomes in Black and Ethnic Minority Communities.
The organisation’s first project will be to use evidence based research with experts by experience to advocate for policy change that will:
• Create a national definition of appropriate and inappropriate use of force
• Create a national charter of patients' rights in relation to use of force
• Eradicate inappropriate use of force in all mental health units
• Create national guidance on the involvement of non-mental health professionals in use of force
• Lead to a reduction in the disproportionate incidence of use of force against Black and Ethnic Minority patients

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