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Income Generation Workshop Series

In response to the unprecedented threat posed by COVID-19 to the revenue generation in the Arts and heritage sectors, C3 is partnering with Bonnar Keelyside to run a series of workshops on income generation and diversification.

Thanks to funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, we will run a series of 7 workshops focusing on income generation and income diversification. The workshops will be free to attend for Heritage Emergency Fund recipients.

“The workshops will give attendees new prospectives on income generation and information about consumer trends and confidence as we come out of the COVID 19 lockdown.”


  • A series of webinars and facilitated workshops/training on diversification of commercial income generation

  • Share ideas and stimulate discussion in the industry

  • To develop peer networks and build confidence to share experiences, sources of guidance, templates etc

  • To signpost participants towards published sources of guidance and advisers

  • Collect insight for HLF and advisors to tailor support


  • HEF Fund Grantee

  • HLF Staff and investment managers

  • ROSS Framework advisors

The Workshop titles:

  1. Introduction to Income generation workshop series

  2. Monetising the outdoors

  3. Optimising income from your community of members, donors and customers

  4. Collaborating with local business

  5. Sweating the assets – Making the most of your asset base

  6. Designing new product and service offerings – Business case development

  7. Governance – Risk management in commercial income


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